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You're likely familiar with the advantages of epsom salt, ranging from alleviating muscle tension and improving sleep to aiding conditions like ASD, fibromyalgia, or CFS. magnesium, in the form of epsom salt, is essentially a natural alternative to a rejuvenating vacation!

However, with a plethora of options available, determining the most suitable one for you can be a challenge. Is there even a definitive choice? These queries become particularly relevant if you're utilizing epsom salt for detoxification. It's logical to want to eliminate impurities, not introduce more! When the decision is made to incorporate epsom salt for body support, it's often during a period of depletion or toxic overload, underscoring the importance of purity.

What really matters is finding the epsom salt that aligns with your purity preferences, and that includes considering Ants Natural Epsom Salt and hand blended herbal infused epsom salt mixes

While you might be indifferent to having some impurities in the epsom salt used in your garden, it could be surprising to discover that the same grades of epsom salt are repackaged for personal use, including those labeled as 'food grade.' Despite providing magnesium sulfate, these salts may introduce undesirable elements into our already burdened cells, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals. The thought of this is can be a bit unsettling!

More significantly, many of the more affordable salts lack a geological origin. For individuals who value organic, natural, and raw products, this becomes a crucial consideration.

"There must be something strangely sacred about's in our tears and in the sea."

Kahlil Gibram

The history of epsom salt

Originally, epsom salt derived their name from a bitter-tasting spring discovered in 1618 by a local farmer from Epsom, Henry Wicker. This spring boasted a high content of the mineral magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), and epsom salt was recognized for its effective laxative properties. However, as supplies dwindled, synthetic and more cost-effective "epsom salt" became the standard.

Magnesium (Mg+), on the other hand, has a much more ancient history. Ranking as the ninth most abundant element in the entire universe, most of earth's natural magnesium originates from stars that are billions of years old. It is precisely this magnesium, in the form of magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, that sets this natural epsom salt apart.

Our epsom salt begins as raw magnesium sulphate, having remained uncontaminated for 200 million years in pristine geological sites beneath Germany—renowned as the world's most sought-after magnesium sulphate deposits. The raw salts undergo a meticulous purification process to eliminate heavy metals and are then carefully recrystallized to maintain their potency. The epsom salt undergo purity testing in Germany, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring both purity and potency.

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  • Our epsom salt dissolves fast

  • It give a smooth as silk water feel

  • Supersaturated and Ionic for fast absorption through skin

  • Odourless for those with sensitivities

  • No heavy metals or other nasties

  • 100% pharmaceutical and food grade*

  • Safe for bathing, foot soaks, to make your own creams and more!

*While it’s safe to take our pure epsom salt internally, please do not ingest any epsom salt without first consulting a medical professional.  We does not recommend ingesting epsom salt.

If you want to support your body without adding more impurities back in, Ant Beet Natural Epsom Salt makes perfect sense


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