​How long do our Natural Epsom Salts last?

This will depend on your frequency of use. As a guide most people start with half a cup and gradually increase to 2 cups, some people use 4 cups or more. 1 cup of the Natural Epsom Salt weighs approximately 240g so here is a basic guide.

  • 1.3kg bag = 4 cups

  • 4.9kg bag = 20 cups

  • 25kg bag = 100 cups

What are our Natural Epsom Salts used for?

Magnesium (the main compound in epsom salts) is used for over 300 enzyme reactions in our body. So the Natural Epsom Salt benefits anyone who needs magnesium! This includes helping with sleep, relaxation, muscle tension, mood, restless legs, fatigue, migraines and headaches, blood sugar control, bone health, immune system and more! The sulphate in epsom salt is used by the liver to assist with detoxification. Some people struggle to absorb sulphate, and find epsom salt baths offer a gentle and effective way to boost magnesium and sulphate levels.

Anthony Beet Natural Epsom Salts are also used in flotation tanks too. 500kg at a time!

How do I use Natural Epsom Salts?

Because this salt are a natural detoxifier, you’ll need to start gently. Start with half a cup or less of epsom salt in a bath (or foot bath) of water and soak for 20 minutes. Once you’re used to it, soak for as long as you like! Over a period of a few weeks increase the amount of salt until you find what is best for you. For babies, young children, and those with eczema, start with just a teaspoon at a time, and gradually increase.

If you have kidney disease please consult your doctor before using any epsom salt.

​How do Natural Epsom Salts work?

By soaking in our salt, magnesium and sulphate are absorbed into the body via the skin. This is called transdermal application and it’s similar to how things like nicotine patches work to deliver active compounds through the skin. The magnesium and sulphate then travels through the body to deficient cells and goes to work!

​What are some of the benefits of Natural Epsom Salts?

As well as the typical benefits of magnesium and sulphate, here are a few extra benefits our customers report…

  • Helped with sleep

  • Reduced muscle cramping

  • Reduced tummy bloating and water retention

  • Reduced swelling in extremities

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Helped detox my system

  • Treated skin and nail infections

  • Relieved aches and pains

  • Aids relaxation and reducing stress


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