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I'm Anthony John Beet, and my affinity has always leaned towards nature and the natural aspects of life. For the past three decades, I've been deeply involved in farming, starting as a sharemilker and progressing to become a farm owner. My journey in agriculture began from scratch, and I've embraced a self-employed lifestyle since the age of 20.

Aside from my agricultural pursuits, I've been an enthusiastic rugby player and hiker, even participating in a charity walk around Lake Taupo. During my leisure time, I find joy in activities like kayaking and cycling, firmly believing that life is truly wonderful.

The turning point in my life occurred at the age of 51 when I recognised the physical toll of years spent on the farm and playing rugby. Two broken ankles, a dislocated shoulder, and back issues compelled me to reconsider my path. It was time to put down the tools, but uncertainty loomed over the next steps. In a serendipitous turn of events, my friend Sam, who was the innovator of Sam Walker's Epsom Salts for over a decade, expressed her readiness for a change.

This presented a golden opportunity for me to transition into a new chapter. I saw the potential in taking over Sam's well-established business, and I'm grateful for her trust in my ability to guide it into its next phase. Embracing this new venture, I've come to appreciate the dedication and hard work required in a different domain, outside my familiar world.

I've quickly adapted to the challenge, recognizing the benefits of relaxation and detoxification through Natural Epsom Salt foot baths and baths. Sam Walker, an extraordinary woman, and I resonated well. Her nurturing of Epsom Salt set the stage for my involvement, and I'm committed to contributing to its growth. We welcome your feedback about our products.

Thank you for choosing Natural Epsom Salt.

Ant Beet Natural Epsom Salt


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