Keeping things simple

I am a believer in simple solutions, simple remedies.

Sam's Natural Epsom Salt is one remedy that keeps life simple.

I have been an on and off user of Epsom salts for a number of years and highly recommend them. When a simple footbath of hot water and Epsom salt eases the stress, relaxes the muscles and gives a good nights sleep..used in the evening, who wouldn't like it?

The help it gives is an indicator that the body needs more magnesium. Look up lack of magnesium symptoms one day! People today are lacking magnesium and you will be surprised how many things on that list resonate with you.

Sam Walker Natural Epsom salt is also a wonderful, gentle detoxer for the body.

In February, 2019, I had a simple cataract surgery. I had had the other eye done previously, 11 years prior with no problems. I reacted to chlorofast, the eyedrops given to take (in case of infection) after the surgery. Within two days I had a rash/allergy covering both arms, legs and feet. I tried everything from prednisone, doctor's prescription creams and meds and my own herbal remedies. Nothing helped. Tests came back, not viral, not bacterial, not anything… By the end of six months my feet were so sore, red, swollen, inflamed I could barely walk. By this stage I was thinking internal, systemic and adjust my diet, adding more water etc

Then I had a light bulb moment! I'll try a Sam Walker Natural Epsom salts footbath! The first night, oh the sheer ecstasy, the relief of pain going from my feet.

For six weeks every night I had a footbath, until one night I decided it had done its work and dropped it down to once a week. Over the six weeks my rash slowly cleared, its still lurking but not a major. I also added more water, a more cleansing diet and so on. However, I believe that Sam's Epsom salt was instrumental in turning the eight month long allergy around.

As an aside, since going on medication for hyperthyroid I have become allergic to many things, previous slight health issues have become bigger issues and I believe the medication upsets the body chemistry. Look after your health so you don't become a pharmaceutical zombie!  Love my Sam Walker Natural Epsom salts!

Dawn Shapira, Candles and Things, Huntly



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