My experience with Sam Walker Natural Epsom Salt has been nothing less than extraordinary. I started using Epsom salts as a very young child because my mother bathed me in them, and as I have grown up I have realised the positive effects that they have on me, both mentally and physically. After bathing in Sam Walker's Natural Epsom salts I feel relaxed, I sleep better and I have improved concentration, which in turn helps me study more productively. It was when I switched to the food grade and natural Epsom salts that Sam Walker shares with the community that I noticed these positive differences the most. I bath almost everyday in Sam's Natural Epsom Salt and this has significantly helped reduce my aches and pains from horse riding and gives my body a feeling of such serenity. This natural Epsom salt product assist mse to clear my mind and improveds my ability to rest. As a product it has affected my life in an extremely positive way.

Annie W, Rototuna


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