The Herbal Collection

The Herbal Collection started a couple of years ago when my great friend, Ang, suggested making up Christmas jars.  They were so successful that we decided to branch out and produce our Herbal Collection.  I have created 7 organic herbals so far, with more to come.  As we only offer Natural, Chemically Pure and Food Grade Epsom Salts I made the decision to only use organic herbs and flowers.  The combinations have been thought through using my aromatherapy hat to produce herbals that will help the body to heal.  To date we offer:

1 Organic Lavender

2 Organic Peppermint and Lavender

3 Organic Camomile and Calendula

4 Organic Rose Petal and Lavender

5 Organic Rose Bud and Rose Petal

6 Organic Gin n Tonic

7 Organic Rainbow

More to come on their individual properties.  Thank you for joining me on this new journey. x


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