Do you put Epsom Salts in your spa?

I sometimes have damaged sacks that I cannot and will not sell, especially if there are holes and the lovely natural epsom salt are leaking out.  But, I also cannot waste 25kg.  So, what do I do with it?  Well, one of the things I do is get my kids to dump all 25kg into my spa.  I've had my spa for 3.5 years and have never had a problem running it with a sack of epsom salts.  However, disclaimer here we come.... I am not recommending you necessarily follow my lead.  Please check in with your spa supplier whether it is a good idea for your particular spa.

What do I notice?  Well, there is a cloud of magnesium sulphate that bubbles out and it can be a bit strong on day 1.  What I also notice is the way my muscles respond, melting and relaxing into the warm water.  I sleep pretty well afterwards too.  I figure if float tanks can use 1/2 a tonne of epsom salt, I can use 25 (and sometimes 50kg).

I'd love to hear if you do something similar.  Email me on naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com with your experiences if you'd like to share.

* I have been advised not to post a photo of me in my spa!  Ha!  Consider yourself spared! *


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