My love of lavender

My memories of lavender go back to university days when I began to have an interest in essential oils.  It is my go-to essential oil and led me to become an aromatherapist 25 years ago.  I rarely go anywhere without a bottle of lavender oil.  I clean my desk at school with it, I put it on my arms when I accidentally burn myself with the iron or when cooking and I offer it to friends and family when they have a headache, pain, anxiety, upset et al.  My children know the answer to almost anything they ask me to help with will be (cue teenage exasperation and raised eyebrows), "yes, I know, have an epsom salt bath with a cup of camomile tea and then put lavender on it".  I remember having an operation 20 years ago and I asked the nurse to put lavender oil on my scar when she checked my wound.  She didn't deny me.  We continued to put lavender oil on the scar and it healed beautifully.  It cannot be seen.  

Lavender is part of my life every day, hence it was the first herb I chose to use in my new herbal blends.  To me, it was a given, it was so obvious that it would be my first choice.  Lavender relaxes, soothes, calms and gives us a gentle hug all in one.  It heals the skin and it is safe for adults and children.  It made sense to use organic lavender, I didn't want to add unnecessary chemicals to our pure epsom salts.  Try it.  Enjoy a warm soak in our organic lavender with natural epsom salt.  

Sleep well.  Let me know how it feels for you on naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com 


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