Organic Camomile

Camomile tea was introduced to me when I was 13 years old. Yes, that was a long time ago!  My oldest and dear friend Dr Nick advised me to drink Camomile tea and it soon became a staple in my life.  It is a very soothing drink, settling the tummy and inducing relaxation.  

Not so long ago an organic gardener stayed in my home for a few months and grew organic camomile flowers which we used for tea.  It was delicious.  The joy of walking outside to pick your own camomile flowers, seeping them in hot water and sipping the tea was blissful.  

Last year I grew a camomile bush, it was my pride and joy until the horses ate it!  The horses love camomile and they know just what to eat when they need it… although my horses seem to eat anything I have in my pocket or try to grow, including citrus trees!

I learnt the hard way that less is more with camomile.  I decided to bathe in camomile… but instead of a few flowers, I used the whole plant…. and the 5 plants next to it!  I came out in a rash all over and promptly emailed my 2 doctors.  I think they are still laughing at me.  It was an allergic reaction to way too much camomile.  Just a little is needed!

In aromatherapy, camomile is the children’s oil.  It is delicate and tender enough to use on our precious tamariki.  Just 1 or 2 drops is enough.  With our organic camomile herbal blend just a handful is needed.  If you want more Epsom salt I recommend adding plain as our herbals are heavily loaded.

Rest well.  I would love to hear your experience with camomile.  You can email me on naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com


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