Dr Steve Joe, Hamilton

My family and I have been lucky enough to have experienced the Dr Joe magic for the past 14 years.  Dr Joe helped to recover my 2 children who were struggling with numerous allergies and reactions to the environment and food when we first arrived in New Zealand.  We were originally directed towards Dr Joe when he was a GP near to where we lived and we were looking for a doctor with a biomedical approach.  Once he opened his own clinic, we followed him.  Steve listens and respects, he is open to what we want and need, and he is a huge part of our journey.  We have seen such progress and change with our family under Steve's guidance and will be forever grateful.

Steve is fortunate to have an amazing team working alongside him.  Kate Moffat works in conjunction with Steve.  Nurse Louise is one of the loveliest ladies around, putting everyone at ease.  Eve and Liz look after our never-ending queries.  It is a superb group of people in one place.



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