Maungakawa Reserve

My darling daughter thought it would be a good idea to take her mother for a walk today!  Maungakawa Reserve got to experience this old body taking the steps very slowly and apparently looking like a crab.  I gather there is video evidence as a fit 17 year old thought it quite funny to watch her old and unfit mum hobbling around, huffing and puffing!

Finally home and still out of breathe I think I need to soak in the spa with 25kg of epsom salt. I might even need another 25kg popped in tonight. My legs are aching!  My shoulder is aching as darling daughter kept tugging at my arm, as if that was going to make me go faster somehow!  Even my neck aches!

The view was lovely but the mist came down fast.  I didn't like the poison signs everywhere.  I guess the dogs won't be going out to enjoy the track.  Other than that, I'm sure it did me good!  DD said I have earnt a glass of wine.  Who's running this show?!  :-)  I love her.


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