GF Doughnuts in Putaruru

Many years ago I was lucky enough to live near my dear old Dad.  When I was pregnant he and I decided to stay fit!  So, we'd toddle off in my little Micra to the local swimming pool and do a whole 10 lengths of their not so large pool.  The best bit was afterwards when we'd go to Tesco and buy jam doughnuts!  I don't think the evidence ever made it home, other than gaining more weight than I should have done and not staying quite as fit as was expected.

It would appear that the doughnut gene has travelled through to the third generation and my daughter also has a wee passion for them.  So, today, I was loaded into the car for my daily outing with the 3 dogs and off we went to Putaruru to buy gluten free doughnuts from Bella Pane.  6, yes 6, doughnuts, 2 cream buns and a slice later we were back in the car.  My car is now covered in crumbs and sugar, even the car keys are sticky.  Darling daughter is carb overloaded!

Just a side note, if you ever notice me selling my Natural Epsom Salt from an aged care facility, I am there against my will and darling daughter will be paying the bill.  Either help me break out or come and increase the bar bill with me.  Clearly, it is school holidays.  We have time to go out and enjoy the local scenery and towns, spending quality time together, me doing as I am told!  I am not sure when she turned the tables on me.  It was subtle, but extremely fast!  I'm keeping a very careful eye on her!

Pop in and indulge if you're passing through and want a GF doughnut fix, they were worth it.



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