Some days just need gin!

Gin ‘n’ Tonic with Muscles

A friend came over to help me clear out my barn ready for the new shipment of natural Epsom salt. We need space for 20 tonne!  Whilst he had a coffee to ready himself for the job ahead, I carried on pounding my herbs.  Now my love of a wee GnT occasionally might be known in some circles!  He asked me why he could smell gin and tonic at 1030am!  Haha!  No, I haven’t started drinking before 5pm.  The GnT blend REALLY does smell of gin and tonic…. With the added bonus that it is good for you.  I pound the juniper berries to release the oils and scent, whilst also bashing up the lime blossom and orange peel.  If you love gin n tonic you are going to love this blend.

The bonuses are that juniper is a great detoxing tool.  It aids as a diuretic so can help to take away the puffy, swollen feeling some of us get.  The lime blossom and orange peel are lovely and gentle, lifting emotions and mildly sedative. They are also antispasmodic, especially on the gut.  A wee caution, don’t overdo the citrus as they can cause skin irritation.  Better to use a small handful of our organic GnT and add extra plain Epsom salt to the bath.

If you’ve given up alcohol, then this could be the next best thing.  In New Zealand we are lucky enough to have a few alcohol free GnT.  I was given a couple of tastings by Ecology & Co https://ecologyandco.com/.  Quite delicious.  I took them to a gin party when I couldn’t indulge as I was driving. 

For those that can still indulge, you simply must try the greatest gin on earth… Blush https://blushgin.co.nz/, the rhubarb variety.  On ice, with a twist of lime, maybe a splash of tonic… they recommend ginger ale which is lovely.  I digress.  See what happens when you mix Sam and gin?!


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