How do you rest?

Do you rest?

I had a really busy day yesterday, dropping off natural epsom salts to some of my stockists and then the dreaded trip to the gynae 🤦‍♀️🍸

Today, I need rest. 

But, today I also need to attend to my other work.

1 answer was to have some extra sleep as I didn't need to set the alarm. The cats and dogs wanting breakfast AGAIN put paid to that.

The second option was to raise darling daughter to deal with the pets whilst I snuck back to bed!  It worked. 😄🛌💤

She kindly offered to do all the run around town chores today too. She's an angel. I love her.

So, how will I rest? 

For me, rest is easiest once the to do list is done. Or, at least, a new to do list has been created for another day!

I'll go to work for a while before I can rest. That way it won't be in my mind.

Massage is my go-to rest. Having a massage means I can't check my phone, do work, answer emails. It is enforced rest... and so good for me.

My other go-to is my spa. Heavily laden with 25 to 50kg of natural epsom salt. It is a great place to start or end the day.

What do you do to rest?

Do you rest?

We need rest.

Plan a rest.  

Your body and mind will thank you.

Have a restful day. 


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