Ever had one of those weeks?

One where you worked 7 days solid and need to do another 5 before you can rest again?  Not the best, is it?  It happened to me this week.  I am shattered.  Happily shattered.  I spent the weekend with some awesome people that I work with in my "proper job" as someone recently called it :-)  I was with some fantastic colleagues who pull together as a team.  And best of all some fabulous teenagers who showed such respect and care for everyone.  I am so proud, honoured and lucky to be a part of their lives.  Loving, happy, helpful, phenomenal teens.

So, what will I do to make the best of this "shattered-ness"?  I cleaned my house.  I walked my dogs.  I took my cat to the vet.  I watched my daughter horse ride.  I had a nap. I made soup so we have dinner for the next 2 or 3 nights.  I went easy on myself for not getting to yoga... again!  I sat down and stopped, watched nonsense TV.  I accepted that this is how it is sometimes. Then, I asked for help from a friend.  I asked for help from my daughter.

Next step... Epsom Salt spa or bath?  I'm still debating which I want.  Nice warm spa all ready for me?  Or nice clean bath with some added organic herbs?  

Which would you choose?


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