Who loves cats?

Me, for 1.  My kids too.  My parents did as well.

I got turned into a crazy cat lady.  We used to foster... (notice the word foster please!)  pregnant cats from the local cat rescue.  Once the kittens were born (and in the process destroyed my carpets!) we let them self wean.  Pretty special to watch them being born and grow up.  We had 1 cat that was a tad violent and used to attack the dogs and my kids, so she needed rehoming.  Her kittens were almost 8 weeks old so we kept them until we could find some homes.  The other pregnant mum cat took on all 12 kittens.  Good old Muffin.  She has a forever home and is sat next to me at the moment.

At one stage we had 18 cats and kittens!  Ha!  I know.  Seems crazy.  It probably was.  But we had the love and the space for them.  Slowly most of them were rehomed.

As of today I am down to 6 cats.  Capone... my tiny 2kg special baby.  She was the runt of the litter.  My daughter hand fed her and in-between visits to the vet she used to snuggled into my T-shirt.  She's grown into a very affectionate cat.  Muffin, the super mum, still has her daughter, Cupcake here with us.  I didn't name them all!  Maisy is our mega fluffball.  Sugar Puff and Brownie are here too, Sugar always sleeping on the clean clothes in the laundry and Brownie never more than 1m from her mum.  They are inseparable.

Milo... well Milo didn't really like the chaos of kids, cats, dogs, horses and chickens.  The vet suggested she would be happier as an only cat.  So today, my BFF, Milo and I went up to Whangaparoa to meet her new Mum and Dad.  N and J sadly lost their own puss cat last week and they prefer to rehome cats in need.  I think the angels and fairies were at play and ensured Milo went to the best possible home, right on the beach.  I am insanely jealous of Milo's views!


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