My mother, Granny Soup.

I've been thinking a lot about my mother recently.  She passed over nearly 4 years ago and strangely I feel her presence more strongly in my life now than I did when she was here.  My mother was an interesting lady, not everybody's cup of tea, a little unusual, a lover of wine and fine things but also a down to earth, potter at home with her numerous animals, sort of person.

My mother's mother was a nurse.  Sadly, I never got to meet her.  However I think her healing nature has passed through the generations.  My mother was a herbalist who used to collect lost and needy animals; horses, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks and tortoises.  She ran a business in South Africa selling herbs for humans, horses and dogs.  

My own interest in aromatherapy and essential oils should have come as no surprise to me, as it was just the next generation moving into the healing modality.

The more I think about my mother the more I realise just how remarkable she was and I don't know if she was ever truly recognised for what she did on earth.  She brought up 2 children on her own, moving them from South Africa to England.  She ran all sorts of businesses to do with travel in her earlier years, moving into publishing and healing when most would have considered retiring.  She spoke 3 languages and would converse with people from all walks of life.  

I remember a fascinating childhood, sitting on the back of university floats, surrounded by her weird and wonderful collection of student friends in Durban, meeting Chief Buthelezi, air hostessing for Orville's daddy, Keith Harris, shaking hands with Worzel Gummidge (Jon Pertwee) to name but a few.

I feel my mother's presence when working on my organic herbal collection.  In fact my brother even commented that he was surprised that I hadn't named my business after hers.  Today, I met a charming young man who told me I needed to name a product after her.  So, I shall!  What it will be I am not quite sure yet.  What will it be called?  Well, when I told my daughter she just said one word to me, "soup".  No, I have no intention of making soup.  Granny was a little eccentric and decided when my first born arrived in this world that she would be known as Granny Soup!  Rather sweetly this came about because of a special boy who lived across the road from her.  He wasn't able to pronounce Sue, so she became Soup!

Thank you for all the incredible memories Mom x


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