Covid and us

An update on the presales and the new covid lockdown that we find ourselves in.  

I have spoken to the freight company and they are sure they are allowed into Auckland to pick up the epsom salts and bring them back to Hamilton.  This might be tomorrow.  We are waiting on confirmation. Those of you who have paid for courier will have them sent out as soon as the logistics company get them.  They have all of our sales on the board at the depot and are prepared.

If you arranged to collect them from me, it might not be until next week, as they are having to bring the epsom salts back in stages rather than 20 tonne in one go.  I have 3 sacks here in Cambridge if you are desperate.  First in, first served.

I have had confirmation from the docks that they are an essential service and are operating, albeit working from home for many.  I am very hopeful that the epsom salts will be collected and that whilst the majority of us are in Level 2, we can deliver to those areas.

Thank you to everyone who ordered presales.  For a small business that runs mainly on a mobile phone in the evenings, YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.  I appreciate you and please know that you helped the epsom salts to come into the country.  It's a massive outlaying for me to invest in but you are worth it.  The biomedical community are worth it.  It made the world of difference to my family and I hope it helps yours.

With grateful thanks, Sam


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