They say patience is a virtue

If patience is a virtue then I have very patient and understanding customers.

Thank you for waiting so patiently and understanding that the covid - 19 situation has affected everything, from the ship docking, to getting it unloaded, to having the epsom salts transported down to the Hamilton and Cambridge bases.

It is not the easiest time for anyone right now.  Everyone I talk to seems to be affected by Covid - 19.  Extra work, extra time, extra effort, extra patience.  

I really appreciate your kindness and understanding.  It's what makes me keep going with bringing them in.  Finally, we have the new NATURAL, FOOD GRADE, CHEMICALLY PURE EPSOM SALT in the Waikato.  If you pre-ordered with courier then they left the depot yesterday.  If you pre-ordered pick up, please contact me to arrange a trip to rural Cambridge.

Thank you everyone.


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