Why do we use organic herbs?

Why indeed?  

Regular herbs are WAYYYYY cheaper, so from a business perspective that would make much more sense.  But, I have never been about the business, I am about getting the best for my family's needs.  Hence, bringing in the best epsom salts that we can find in the world.

It doesn't feel right to not use organic herbs.  The epsom salts are 

i      Natural, not made in a lab

ii     Chemically Pure, tested for impurities and heavy metals

iii    Food Grade (have you ever tasted them?  Yik!)

So, really, I felt I had no option but to use the best organic herbs and flowers that I could find.  And that is no easy feat whilst Covid-19 is affecting us all.  

I am getting such great feedback about our herbal range.  I've also had one negative comment: the herbs make the bath too messy!  Yes, that is true.  Personally I love seeing all the colours in the empty bath.  Maybe I should start a photographic collection of empty bath photos?  Haha.  OK, maybe not!

One of our customers posted a story on Instagram of her bathing in the organic lavender epsom salts. Who else is brave enough?

The photo shows what I was blending and packaging today, Soothe, our organic camomile and calendula mix.  So pretty.


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