Free Bath Bags this week

Bath Bags

What are they?  

They are like a tea bag for the body and soul, all wrapped into one neat little package, ready to pop into your bath or foot bath.  They contain our lovely NATURAL, CHEMICALLY PURE, FOOD GRADE EPSOM SALTS, swirled, blended and crushed with beautiful ORGANIC HERBS AND FLOWERS.

Why a bath bag? 

Well, because they are perfect for so many occasions! Take them with you for a night away to save you carrying a bigger bag which might spill.  Have some on hand as perfect wee gifts for friends, teachers or colleagues.  And, because not everyone enjoys bathing with the herbs and flowers swirling around them.  A mess free solution to being able to enjoy all the goodness of organic herbs.

Freebie you say?  

Indeed, I did.  For every bag ordered this week we are including a free bath bag.  These are our first run, still in the experimental phase and contain a bit less than you can expect when purchasing.  We hope you enjoy the freebies.  Please send us feedback if you wish, on naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com


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