Doctors and Nurses

​Hospital workers

My appreciation for doctors, nurses, ambulance staff and hospital support crew has hit an all time high 🧡

Over the last couple of years I've had to spend a wee bit of time in Waikato hospital. I have been horrified by the abuse I have witnessed towards staff from patients and their whanau. Our concern and worry for our loved one doesn't justify shouting, swearing and hurting others 💙

I am amazed and grateful for the patience, care, gentleness, time and humour offered to us. You must be born to do the work you chose. It takes someone special to do these jobs. What incredible people we have amongst us as we travel through the ups and downs of life with our bodies. 🧡

Thank you orderlies, volunteers, cleaners, admins, ambulance, nurses, anaesthetists, doctors and all who make it work for our best interests. You are very appreciated.  Thank you for looking after me so well. 💙

The food... yeah, well that's another blog! :-)


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