Students and exams

Students and young people have taken quite a knock this year with Covid-19.  In my day job I deal with students, especially students taking assessments which count towards their school qualifications.  Stress has definitely been a bigger feature during 2020 with teenagers that I come across in all walks of life.

Epsom salt baths are a great addition to a student's well-being toolkit.  A bath in itself is a great idea to stop, rest, calm and relax.  Add in some natural, food grade epsom salt and you've just multiplied the goodness.  The magnesium will help with soothing sore muscles, especially shoulders which can get so sore from writing and typing for 3 hours at a time.  The sulphate will help to detox gently.  All in all you should end up with a better night's sleep which is needed to help the body recover and reset.

It isn't just the students who have had a strange and somewhat stressful year.  Teacher's have also had to learn fast and adjust to teaching online and altering their courses.  I have had a lot of teacher's approach me for natural epsom salt lately.  One school was even generous enough to buy all of their staff a wee bag.

Are your kids bathing in natural epsom salts during the exam season?


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