Are we allowed to mention the C word yet?

It seems crazy to be thinking about Christmas.  The students still have their exams to take, teachers are gearing up for the last term of the year, people are planting their vegie gardens ready for summer produce, families are planning their holidays... and so on.  We are all so busy.

Yet, the Christmas chocolates were in store last month!  I supposed there are some of us who like to plan ahead.  I did that one year, wrapped all the gifts and hid them carefully, only to wonder on Christmas Day where certain things were!

If you're racking your brains wondering what to buy for colleagues, the person who has everything, teachers, grandparents, health conscious folk, eco friendly peeps etc then I just might have the answer for you.

Our natural epsom salt with organic herbal blend comes in small bath bags from $5.  Or you can go up a size and get them a 600g bag @ $15.  The new compostable bags are 750g for $19.90.  Have a look on the website and see which blends suit which person you're gifting to.  They are all therapeutic and the Gin n Tonic adds an element of fun too.

For the remainder of October 2020 we are sending out 1 free bath bag with every bag of epsom salts purchased.  To order, pop on to www.epsomsalt.co.nz or email Sam on naturalepsomsalt @gmail.com


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