Something a little different...

I've always been drawn to inspirational cards and quotes.  During lockdown I decided to produce my own set.  With the help of my superbly talented and patient friend, Sharon, we created a set of cards based on my knowledge of aromatherapy.  Sharon was the keyboard whiz, designing the cards and getting the colours, images and font just right.  My job was to decide on the essential oils and come up with the words that fitted them.

There are a few ways of using these new cards.  They have been designed to work with colour, picking what you are drawn to.  They can also be shuffled to try and aid with the selection of essential oils.  (Please exercise caution when using essential oils and make sure that they have been correctly diluted).  They can also be fanned out, 1 or more picked,  and used to take inspiration from the cards that are selected.

Our beautiful cards are currently at the printers and will be available at the beginning of November.  We have a pre-sale special on at the moment.  $30 for a set of 36 cards in a box.  To pre-order please email Sam at naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com or order online 



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