Something a little different from us

For those of you that know me, you might know that prior to becoming the Epsom Salt Lady I was an aromatherapist and massage therapist.  I studied aromatherapy in England under Jenni Trevitt in Maidstone.  I fell into aromatherapy by accident, or to be more precise, it was an accident that led me into aromatherapy.  I'd had some interest in essential oils prior to my accident but it wasn't until I was bed ridden for 6 weeks with conventional medicine not helping me, that I decided to try aromatherapy massage.  The doctor was doing his best, dishing out pills and sending me to various alternative therapies but it wasn't until I went for an aromatherapy massage that I was able to walk without pain.  And so started my adventure into training to help others.  I absolutely LOVE essential oils... when used correctly they can do so much good.  Like many things, they may be a part of the jigsaw puzzle, but for me and my clients they have been a great part.  

I produced these aromatherapy cards with my friend, Sharon.  We combined our knowledge and talents to bring you what we hope will be a lovely addition to your collection of essential oils and inspiration cards.  And, as we know, essential oils can be a fabulous inclusion to an epsom salt bath.  Please dilute them appropriately before adding to the water.


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