750g compostable bags of ORGANIC PEPPERMINT AND LAVENDER are on sale for the rest of summer.


Because it is sooooo hot!  And peppermint is wonderful at making us feel cooler.  Pop your feet into a bucket of water with our natural epsom salt, peppermint and lavender and feel the difference.

Use the code COOLOFF at the checkout to purchase at $17.50 instead of $20.

Revitalise with Organic Lavender and Peppermint:
Combining all of the numerous benefits of organic lavender with the special properties of organic peppermint. This blend smells divine: a pot of peppermint tea and inhaling lavender petals all at once. Peppermint has long been used for its digestive properties, valuable for stomach pain, vomiting, colic and indigestion due to its antispasmodic action on the muscles of the gut.  Peppermint combined with lavender is used for headaches and colds, cooling the body whilst also allowing it to sweat out toxins. Caution against using too much peppermint as it can cause tingling.


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