St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day always used to be the day my Dad sent me a card.  Sadly he is no longer here and my post lady often forgets to fill the letterbox on the 14th Feb!  Feel free to courier bottles of champagne if I plucked at your heart strings!

If you're looking for something special and a bit different, why not treat your loved one to some of our Natural Epsom Salts with organic rose petals, rose buds and lavender?  We have 2 different rose based products to choose from.

Use the coupon code LOVE to get 15% off from now until 14 February on these 2 products.  They are available in plastic and home compostable bags.

If you want to spoil your loved one even more we also have 2 rose quartz crystals on sale and you can use the code for the rose quartz too!  Use the tag "Valentine" to find out what is on special.


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