Active Relaxation

How do you relax?

For me, I am an active relaxer.  I need to be doing something.  If I am watching TV, then I am also working or knitting or speaking to someone!  I find one of the best ways to make me relax is to go for a treatment, and preferably one that will make me shut up!  Massage, reflexology and now Crystal Relaxation.  

I was invited to have a complimentary session with Fiona as she uses my Natural Epsom Salts in her relaxation footbaths.  At the bottom of the petal filled wooden bowl are crystals which my toes got to play with.  This was followed by a blissful foot massage and then crystals being laid onto me.  I could feel the crystals being wiggled into place and sensed Fiona calling in the energy she works with.  It was the perfect way to get me to stay still for an hour.  Thank you Fiona.



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