Last chance to design your own Crystal Energy Generator

Would you like to design your own Crystal Energy Generator?  Let me know in the next day or 2 as I am about to order more.  I am almost out of stock of the current ones.  The 7 point black tourmaline with chakra stones around sold out first.  And soon after the 8 point mix of rose and clear quartz sold out, so I will reorder both of them.  There will also hopefully be an amethyst and citrine coming.  What else would you like to see?

Bespoke energy generators are in the region of $40 each (TBC) and need to be paid before I order them to be made up.  There will be a minimum of 5 made.  You receive yours and I will pop the rest on my website unless you decide you want more of your design!  They can be named after you as you are the designer.

I need to know :

  • how many points you want on your design: 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.
  • whether you want a cone, pyramid, angel or raw crystal at the centre. See photos below for examples (please note that angels are more expensive).
  • What crystal do you want at the centre?
  • What crystal points you would like?  The more unusual ones will need to be checked.
  • Whether you would like the small round crystals placed near the centre.

Email me a clear picture of what you decide on with the above info and a description to naturalepsomsalt@gmail.com

Please see examples of what I ordered last time on my website shop. They will guide you into what can be made up.  Below are pictures of the centres available.

Happy designing.


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