Spark Pouches

Sagacious & Sam.  

We are like souls, bringing to you a collectively bespoke product: “Spark Pouch”

A Gift, to Yourself, or to Another

To Spark your Soul, and darkness to smother

Read the Card, and let it ring true

Hold the Crystal close to you

Light your Sage, and clear the air

And let your Soul…

Spark, Sing and Dance if you dare!

Your special Spark Pouch contains:

  • Inspirational Message Card – one card from a 36 Inspirational Aromatherapy Deck channelled by Sam Walker.
  • Pouch – hand made by Sonia Wilson of Sagacious, with upcycled fabrics. This can be reused for makeup, crystals, favourite nick-knacks and more.
  • Natural Epsom Salt with organic herbs & flowers – a small bag of Epsom Salts to put into a foot bath or your main bath to sooth and cleanse.
  • Crystal – to bring you protective, clearing, intuitive & inspirational vibrations.
  • Sage – a small amount of Sage to either just sit in your room or burn in a seashell or other inflammable dish to clear the air in your room or house.

Your Spark Pouch Crystal could be:

  • Red Jasper - stimulates the base chakra, cleanses, protects, grounds, energises – place under your pillow for calming and dream recall.
  • Amethyst – Power, peace, protection, eases tension, helps intuition – place under your pillow if you suffer nightmares or disturbance.
  • Tiger’s Eye – protective, clarity, enhances psychic abilities, strength, vitality, communication – place under your pillow for strength and enhanced decision making.
  • Rose Quartz – the stone of gentle love, calm, peacefulness, balance, clears out stored anger, creativity, confidence – place under your pillow to learn self-love so you can love others.
  • Black Obsidian – grounding, protective, stabilising, shields from negativity, disperse unloving thoughts place under your pillow to bring negativity out to be replaced by white light.
  • Tektite – a meteorite from outer space! Let go of undesirable experiences, balances, activates all chakras – place under your pillow for chakra overhaul.
  • Clear Quartz – amplification of energy and thoughts, bringing the energy of the stars to the soul! power – place under your pillow for wisdom and clarity.


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