Bare Naked

Bare Naked.... What a great name for a company!

Bare Naked Soap and Natural Epsom Soap are doing a wee collaboration. I can now offer you soap, shampoo and conditioner whilst you're purchasing your natural epsom salt.  

Better still... Bare Naked Soap comes from the theory that you're bare naked while using these natural products, and that's what the ingredients are - bare and naked. Raw and natural. No hidden ingredients. All the products used to create their amazing selection of soaps are sourced from nature. Clays, spices, botanicals, herbs, seaweed, superfoods, coffee, butters, plant based oils, essential oils and more. Hand created with love and care to nourish your skin and care for your largest organ. Without the use of artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and damaging chemicals. Palm oil free, as while this provides hardness in soap, it's destroying the wildlife environment and displacing villagers.

And if you're in Wanaka, you can buy our compostable natural epsom salt and herbal collection from them.  Win win.


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