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Until the end of November our Organic Rosemary Uplifting herbal blend has 20% off!

You can choose from a sample bag (compostable and plastic), 600g, 750g, 1.2kg or the new 4.9kg.  Organic Rosemary Uplifting is a perfect summer bath or footbath.

Organic Rosemary

I decided to produce another addition to our Organic Herbal Collection by adding organic rosemary to our Natural Epsom Salt.  This is a bath that you would probably take in the morning or early afternoon to revitalise you and to help reduce aches and pains.  Rosemary might be a good addition to a study regime too.  Perfect for students taking their end of year exams at the moment.

I simply adore Rosemary essential oil.  It is my second favourite oil, after lavender.  I use it often on my aching back.  Rosemary is one of the few oils that you can use neat with caution.  However, I wouldn't use it on children or the elderly. 


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