Block Docks

Look what we got!  I'm not quite sure what I did prior to getting my dock blocks!  I made the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars in the shower... and Block Docks became a vital addition.  No more leaving my bars at the bottom of the shower to get soggy!

Welcome to Block DockTM Your life is about to be better by bar!

The Block DockTM vertical soap dish and shampoo bar holder is designed and made in New Zealand. It will dry your bar fast, so it lasts longer, stays solid and is pleasant to use. Whether you use bars for hair, face, hands, or body (hopefully for all), you will get more value from every bar ever stored in it. 

This Block DockTM  is 8.45cm wide, 5.6cm tall and 4.3cm deep and weighs just 29 grams. It fits bars up to 3.8cm in depth – the shortest side of your bar. Place your bar at the front of the Block Dock when new, let it lean to the back as it changes size and shape with use.

The Block Dock comes with a pvc suction cup for mounting to clean surfaces that are smooth and non-porous (acrylic, non-coated glass, mirror, vitreous china, many smooth shiny tiles but not all).  Wet the back with water before sticking.  Suction cups won't stick to rough or porous surfaces, like textured tiles or paint because they can't form the vacuum needed to work. 

In time the Block DockTM will save you money because you will ultimately buy fewer bars. For committed bar users, it is more expensive NOT to have a Block DockTM than to invest in one. 
Thanks for joining the movement to give up single use plastic bottles and make the switch to solid bars.


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