600g of Natural Epsom Salt with Organic Juniper Berry & Lime Blossom GIN N TONIC

Sam Walker



We've combined our Natural Epsom Salt with beautiful herbal blends.

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Juniper Berry and Lime Blossom, our Gin n Tonic with benefits.

Juniper and Lime are our detoxification tools.  Yes, Gin n Tonic is good for us! Juniper berry is a diuretic and antiseptic herbal.  A woody smelling berry ideal for acne and an appetite stimulant, hence it’s use in gin as an aperitif. It is mentally, emotionally  and physically cleansing.  Lime blossom is our rejuvenator after a long day.  The nectar of kings, a soothing sedative, reducing anxiety and stress. Soak in a warm bath with a Gin n Tonic.  What better way to end the day.

Caution: If any of the herbals cause tingling to the skin, massage with a pure vegetable oil to dilute the sensation. 

Our Herbal Collection is heavily loaded with herbs and flowers and we suggest adding plain Epsom salt to the bath or foot bath for those who are more sensitive.

Our Epsom Salt fulfils the requirements of FCC, Food Codex Alimentarius (FAO/WHO)

In general, if pure Epsom Salt is to be used as a bath salt, its quality as well as its declaration (labeling) have to comply with the Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products. 

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